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Electric Vehicle

Conversions-Racing-Promoting is a company with a goal to help make a significant and positive change in the world by offering alternative clean energy vehicles to challenge fossil fuel domination and environmental destruction.
Automakers claim that fossil fuel is the only viable source of efficient power for vehicles. Others claim that alternative vehicles are boring, expensive and only available to the elite. We dispute those claims – We will show that alternative vehicles are just the opposite in every respect.
We create a range of alternative energy vehicles from the highly functional, energy-efficient, affordable commuter specials to the bold and competitive high performance high-end machines.
Follow our racing as we compete with our custom crafted high performance vehicles against not only other alternative fuel vehicles but also against the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles, as well.

Team Be-Ev.Com Racing finished in 3rd place in the 2013 eRoadracing US Championship!
We want to congratulate Jeremiah Johnson and the rest of the team for a job well done.

Latest Build:

LeLi Electric race motorcycle

Mocking up the bodywork fitment on Be-Ev.Com's newest race bike build, the LeLi. We are going to be using this bike to compete in the TTXGP Championship. This bike is a collaboration project with famed gas bike builder Grant Matsushima of Matsushima Performance.


Hollywood actor Rory Hart test riding the Be-Ev.Com electric race bicycle at the Grange race track north of Los Angeles.






Electric Race Bicycle

10.21.11 E-Race Bicycle

Featured Video:

EBR 600 Test ride with 80 volt lithium batteries. 65 mph.



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