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Welcome to Our Bicycles!

Electric Vehicle




Electric Race Bicycle:

Be-Ev.Com has been commited to racing since the inception. This bicycle build was our first forray into bicycle racing. The event that we were trying to get to with this bike had a few specific rules that we were trying to stay within that dictated some of the decisions of this build. The main build constraining rule was that all bikes had to be <10hp. We were trying to get a outrunner mid-drive setup ready in time for the event, but we had a part failure right before we had to leave to travel across the country from Florida to California for the event. We ended up having to completely redesign and build the bike the night before the event. With the limited build time, we were not able to get the fit & finish that we strive wanted, but we did make the last race of the event and were able to finish the 12 lap race. The bike has a Tidal Force frame with a frame extension, 9 continents motor, LYEN 18 fet controller, EIG 84v20ah battery pack, 20" rims with Pirelli ML75 tires, 203mm disk brakes, and a banana seat with race stripe.

Raleigh finished

Raleigh ebike:

This bike was commision for BeFit4Riding.Com. It was built on a Raleigh 24" framed cruiser bike. We used a 9 continents motor kit and a 48v10ah LiFePo4 battery pack. Working on making a custom LED headlight for it at the moment. We are working with BeFit4Riding.Com to temporarily use this bike as a demo bike for people new to ebikes and want to 'check it out' and give them their first EV Grin! After a few test rides, we found that for the everyday lay person trying an ebike for the first time, it was prudent to switch the full grip throttle to a thumb throttle. Bike off sounds exactly the same as bike on, and we had a couple of people accidently twist the throttle after getting off the bike and trying to move it around. That bike can wheelie!!!! We put a cycle analyst on it and clocked a top speed of 31mph!!

phat chopper bike

Phat Chopper:

We got this bike as part of a multi vehicle deal involving a few boats. It is a chopper style bike from Phat, with enormous ape hanger handle bars. We got a 9 continents front hub motor kit with 36 volt 22 amp controller. We used a 48v10ah LifePO4 battery. We also insatlled a Cycle Analyst data system. Since Jay will be the primary rider with this bike, we were able to go back to a full grip throttle. We have a few modifications that we are still planning for this build. Check back for updated versions soon.



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