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We are always in the process of updating our vehicles-Bikes page, please check back again.

Zero Our Be-Ev.Com modified Zero Motorcycles electric race bike. We took a stock 2013 Zero ZF11.4 S and modified it for the race track. We worked with hollywood Electrics to do the Sevcon Size 6 controller upgrade and we made some modifications to the motor face plates for cooling.

LeLi Electric race motorcycleThe LeLi bike is a collaboration between Be-Ev.Com and Matsushima Performance. It has a GS500 frame, GSXR600 front end with Ohlins race internals, GSXR600 swing arm with Ohlins triple adjustable shock, Brushless motor, Sevcon size 6 controller, and Lipo batteries.

Hurricane rear sprocketEBR: Version 1- This bike was built with an old '88 Honda Hurricane CBR 600F1 we had laying around. We originally designed it as a commuter bike with a range of about 6 miles and a top speed of 30mph. The commute route was 3 miles in each direction, on surface roads with top speeds of 25mph, and opportunity charging at both destinations. We built it with a Mars motor, Kelly controller, and four 12 volt/50 amp hour Lead Acid Batteries (SLAs). We did some testing with different gearing and got it up to 35mph with about the same acceleration. This whole build was done in Jay's carport.

EBR: Version 2-

After getting a couple of AgniMotors for a race bike project that we are working on, we swapped out the motor for one of the AgniMotors, instantly 45mph. Awesome motor! This bike turned into a test bed bike, so we haven't done too much work on getting all the lights and everything working for getting it registered for road use. We will be getting that soon.

EIG batts

EBR: Version 3-

Be-Ev.Com worked a deal out for some conversion components and got some new lithium batteies in the deal. We swapped out the 4 heavy SLAs for the 85 volt 40 amp hour EIG batteries. We were so excited about the new batteries that we just threw them into the build and went out to test it. Instant 65 mph! Very fun bike. We also got another Mars motor in the deal, so we are now also putting that in the bike so that we can use the AgniMotor for it's original purpose in a race bike.

kanEtuna: This is a project in the works. The donor bike is a '90 Suzuki Katana 600. We are talking with EnerTrac to make this the next test bike for their new hub motor.
Working on building 144volt 40amp hour lithium battery pack for this build.

TS-E: This bike was built on the Suzuki TS enduro platform. Jeremiah's first electric build. Mars motor, 48v10ah Lifebatt pack, with a Kelly controller.

TL1000: We are taking over this project for someone to help them get their project finished up. They brought in a '00 TL 1000R sport bike that had a series motor mounted up. They had someone build a battery tray under the motor. The cutomer had bought a lot of the components for the build and needed us to put it all together for them, and we are happy to help them finish up their project. This bike has 6 12 volt 55 amp hour yellow top Optima batteries which we wired together in series for a 72 volt 55 amp hour pack. The series motor came with a D&D tuned Alltrax controller. The customer also bought a Zivan NG1 72 volt charger that is mounted up in the subframe under the passenger seat area to supply the onboard charging duties. The TL also has a Sevcon 300a 72v to 12v converter to power the lights off the 72 v pack.



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