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Welcome Roadracing!

Electric Vehicle



At Be-Ev.Com roadracing is our main focus.

Be-Ev.Com built an electric bicycle to compete on road courses. It was a last minute build, we built it on the road the night before an event at Grange Race Track in California. The whole design was a test from our other builds, and a few of the designs didn't work out how we planned. So now we are taking it apart to change those designs and build a better race bike. Unfortunately, the first time we got the bike on track we didn't have any instramentation on it due to the last minute nature of the build, so we have yet to get data on the performance. Check back to find ongoing info and updates on this build.

We are currently in the process of building a high performance electric roadrace motorcycle. We plan to have it compete in the emerging electric motorcycle events and also take part in ICE roadraces where rules will allow. Details and event info will be coming soon.

We are also working with EnerTrac to test their new motorcycle hub motor. We are installing it into our '90 Katana 600 chassis. We are in the process of building the battery pack for this test bike using Headway lithium cells. It will be a 144v40ah pack.



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